Freedom Juice CLP


Freedom Juice CLPTM is an odorless cleaner and dry lubricant in one for firearms. It is also great for knives, fishing gear, archery equipment, camping gear plus more. It cleans carbon, black powder, copper and lead fouling and surface rust, while leaving behind a dry lubricant that provides a boundary that won't allow rusting or the buildup of carbon, black powder, etc.


Most cleaners and lubricants burn off and stop working at fairly low temperatures, which is why they seem to work great until heat, friction and pressure are applied by firing a gun, then it stops working because the lubricants are dissipated. Freedom Juice CLPTM dry lubricant has a distillation range from 600 to 800 degrees F and once the water carrier has burned off, the Freedom Juice CLP’s synthetic based lubricant dries, and plates into the pours of the firearm, leaving behind a boundary that carbon and debris cannot cling to. Freedom Juice CLPTM will not build on itself, so after the first initial plating, as you clean and wipe down the firearm, Freedom Juice CLPTM will only “plate out” on scarred areas.  This plating out effect takes place at approximately 125 degrees F, just at the point when other solvent based cleaners are burned off. Read more about this plating out effect on our website at

Freedom Juice

Freedom Juice CLPTM is completely odorless and non-hazardous; meaning safe for use indoors and okay to get on your hands. And above all else, it works amazingly!

Some of the benefits include:

  • Product both Cleans and Lubricates
  • Dry Lubricant helps repel dirt and sand
  • Inner barrel conditioning increases weapons accuracy
  • Decreases barrel heat under rapid fire conditions
  • Will not harm weapon stocks of any type
  • Lubricates and greatly extends the life of moving parts
  • Can be used without ventilation
  • Can be used in Ultrasonic Cleaners
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Biodegradable
  • Water Based
  • No VOC's
  • Not a solvent = not flammable
  • Works on all metals and finishes (stainless steel, aluminum, bluing, nickel plating)
  • Cost effective

Freedom Juice CLPTM is a water-based compound designed to clean metallic surfaces and guard against further corrosion and mechanical wear. Apply to equipment as required, remove excess material with an adsorbent material and allow application to dry, do not soak equipment. Freedom Juice CLPTM provides dry boundary lubrication, friction reduction, and a sustained barrier protection, which leads to longer in-use times for equipment, less maintenance costs, and fewer catastrophic failures. Freedom Juice CLPTM can be used as is on equipment that is ready for use in field or by treating parts separately for further assembly.

High temperatures and mechanical pressures such as those associated with bolts, bearings, muzzles, barrels, and triggers will further activate Freedom Juice CLPTM to provide an enhanced and very durable surface treatment that will resist mechanical wear. This will result in reduced mechanical jamming, malfunctions, carbon build up, and leave a cleaner, more precise weapon. Continued use of Freedom Juice CLPTM will yield higher muzzle velocities, better cooling properties, and superior accuracy due to the significant reduction of carbon build-up. Freedom Juice CLPTM is environmentally safe, contains no hazardous materials or CA Prop 65 components, and all ingredients are TSCA registered.

Typical Physical Properties:

Appearance:   Clear thin amber liquid   pH as is:   8.0 – 9.5
Density:   8.4 lbs. / gal.    Specific Gravity: 1.01 @ 60°C
Flash Point:   > 370°F, ASTM D93  Viscosity @ 25°C:  < 10 cSt

Application Potentials:

Weapons:    Pretreatment of handguns and rifles for extended use in the field under 
adverse conditions. Immediate remediation of compromised arms in field.  
Pretreatment in lapped joints:  Corrosion reduction between dissimilar metals in storage and in use. 
Heat treatments:   Apply on heated metal surfaces for extended superior coating properties. 
Commercial infrastructure:  Rebuild on site bridges, guardrails, signs, drains for longer maintenance-free timeframes. 
Ocean vessels:    Significant reduction of corrosion from salt spray on exterior surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q) Why choose Freedom Juice CLPTM?
  1. A) Freedom Juice CLPTM cleans, lubricates and protects the entire firearm not just the metal parts. It will not harm any metal or wood finish and is safe for using on all polymer stock. Freedom Juice CLPTM is odorless, environmental safe and will not burn or harm human skin. Freedom Juice CLPTM can be used on pistols, rifles, muzzleloader, fishing rod and reels, knives, camping equipment anything that is metal, plastic, wood and rubber you can use Freedom Juice CLPTM to clean, lubricate and protect it.
  1. Q) Do I need to oil my firearm after cleaning it?
  1. A) No, Freedom Juice CLPTM has a high grade synthetic lubricant in it that is left behind after you wipe your weapon dry during the cleaning process.
  1. Q) If there is no odor, how can it work?
  1. A) It’s not the odor that cleans, it is the chemical reaction to carbon, copper, and other debris that makes a cleaner work. Odor is a result of the products used and the chemistry put into the product.
  1. Q) How often will I have to clean my firearm?
  1.     A) One should clean and lubricate their weapon after every use. A day at the range or in the fieldhunting you should clean and lubricate your firearm often. We must be responsible gun owners and take care of our firearms and always follow the manufacturer's suggested cleaning intervals. With all of that being said, by using Freedom Juice CLPTM you can go for long periods of time between clean and lubricating. We conducted a test to see how long the lubrication package of Freedom Juice CLPTM would last without any cleaning. We cleaned and lubricated rental pistols in a Marietta, GA gun store/range. Then the pistols were rented out daily and fired daily but never cleaned after the first initial cleaning with Freedom Juice CLPTM. Freedom Juice CLPTM went five weeks before one of the pistols finally had a malfunction.
  1. Q) Does Freedom Juice CLPTM work in an ultra-sonic cleaner?
  2. A) Yes, Freedom Juice CLPTM is the perfect product for ultrasonic cleaning because you have no VOC issues requiring ventilation and it lasts for a long time. We have had owners of small

ultra sonic cleaners clean up to 45 guns without having to replace cleaning solution. This is a savings for small gun shops. Also, many other products used in ultrasonic cleaners are solvent based and have to be disposed of as a hazardous waste. With Freedom Juice CLPTM there is no solvency and can safely be poured down the drain.

  1. Q) Do I need special cleaning equipment to use Freedom Juice CLPTM?
  2. A) No, A standard cleaning kit in the same caliber of your gun is all you need. Always clean bore to muzzle when cleaning the barrel.
  1. Q) Will Freedom Juice CLPTM harm the finish on my wood stock?
  1. A) No, Freedom Juice CLPTM will not harm you wood stock and will actually help to protect the finish of it.
  1. Q) Will Freedom Juice CLPTM freeze on my firearm?
  1. A) Freedom Juice CLPTM will not freeze on your firearm but you must insure that you wipe all wet material off the weapon during the cleaning process.
  1. Q) How can a "Dry" lubricant work in an automatic or semi-automatic firearm?
  1. A) Today's firearms are machined to very tight tolerances and when carbon and other debris gets into those tight tolerances it causes friction which results into heat, which then turns into a malfunction of the operation of the firearm. With Freedom Juice CLPTM, we have what we call “Plating Out”, which is the synthetic lubricant reacting to the heat, friction and pressures generated by the firearm and causes the lubricant to plate out into the pours of the metal and become a dry lubricant. Now carbon and debris have no wet product or pours to settle into resulting in no friction and removing the added heat signature and allowing the free movement of working parts in tightly machined areas.
  1. Q) How can a water-based product protect my firearm from rust?
  1. A) The water in Freedom Juice CLPTM is just a carrier for the cleaning and lubrication products in Freedom Juice CLPTM. When you are cleaning your firearm or a fishing reel, the scrubbing and rubbing action is causing the product to separate. When you wipe the metal part dry you are taking the water, cleaner and debris away for the part and leaving the lubricant. If you do not wipe the part dry than yes, you could get surface rust because of the water. This is why on our label we state “do not soak parts in this product” and “wipe weapon dry”.
  1. Q) Does Freedom Juice CLPTM clean rust?
  1. A) Yes, Freedom Juice CLPTM will remove minor surface rust and prevent it from coming back. This is because we have rust inhibitors in our product and once the lubrication has plated out, you have dry boundary lubrication that prevents moisture and water from reaching the metal parts.
  1. Q) Can I use Freedom Juice CLPTM when reloading ammunition?
  1. A) Yes, spray Freedom Juice CLPTM on a Q-tip and clean and lubricate the inside of your reloading dies. This helps reduce the cartridges from getting stuck in the die.

Spray Freedom Juice CLPTM on a sponge and roll your cartridges across, and then lightly wipe dry. This helps to clean the cartridge and lubricate it for resizing and primer removal.

Removing the primer from the cartridges. Using a Q-tip, spray Freedom Juice CLPTM on the Q-tip and clean the carbon out of the primer pocket. Once the primer pocket area is clean, take a dry Q-tip and remove all wet product and debris.

  1. Q) What does the term "Plating Out" mean?
  1. A) “Plating Out” is a term we use to describe our dry boundary lubrication. How plating out works is by heat, friction or pressure. When one or more of these attributes are present, Freedom Juice CLPTM becomes a solid, clear, lubricating film that coats the pours of metal, rubber, plastic, wood and other materials. Once plating out has happened the product will not plate over itself, and if any scarring of the plated surface to bare metal happens, or other surface types, it will plate out in just the scarred area.
  1. Q) Does Freedom Juice CLPTM clean the corrosive nature of powders used in muzzleloaders?
  1. A) Yes, Freedom Juice CLPTM attacks black powder and other powders used in muzzleloaders. Muzzleloaders are one of the most frustrating weapons to clean and lubricate. Freedom Juice CLPTM takes the headache and frustration out of cleaning and lubricating your muzzleloader. Freedom Juice CLPTM cleans 100% of your muzzleloader including the bore and breach. Once the plating out of Freedom Juice CLPTM has taken place, there is no more worrying about those corrosive powders setting in your bore and breach and rusting out your muzzleloader's barrel.
  1. Q) If Freedom Juice CLPTM is spilled, how should I clean it up?
  1. A) If a small amount is spilled, wipe up with paper towels and dispose of towels in the trash can. If a large amount is spilled you can use kitty litter to soak up the material and then shovel up kitty litter and dispose of it in a trash can. There are no harsh chemicals or hazardous issues with Freedom Juice CLPTM so there are no special disposal requirements.
  1. Q) Will I need gloves or other safety equipment while cleaning my firearm with Freedom Juice CLPTM?
  1. A) You should always take safety very serious. When cleaning your firearm you should always point the weapon away from people and in a safe direction when disassembling for cleaning and lubricating. Freedom Juice CLPTM has no harsh solvents or cancer causing properties. Safety equipment such as eye protection, gloves and aprons should be used, but is not required because of the safe and human friendly nature of the products used to make Freedom Juice CLPTM.
  1. Q) Are there other uses for Freedom Juice CLPTM?
  1. A) Yes there are a ton of uses for Freedom Juice CLPTM. You can use Freedom Juice CLPTM on virtually any metal, rubber, plastic and wood surface. (i.e. guns, knives, fishing rods and reels, camping stoves, camping gear, stainless steel appliances in your home to help prevent

finger prints. Boats, tools, automobiles, remove and prevent the buildup of brake dust on your vehicle tire rims. There are so many applications, that not all can be listed, but as far as Tec-Team Specialty Chemicals, LLC is concerned, Freedom Juice CLPTM is the ultimate outdoor sportsman’s cleaner and lubricant on the market today.

  1. Q) Are there any obnoxious odors?
  2.     A) No, Freedom Juice CLPTM is completely odorless so there are no requirements concerning ventilation while cleaning and lubricating your firearm. An added benefit to it being odorless is that if you enjoy hunting you are not taking a firearm or bow into the woods smelling like harsh chemicals. Harsh chemical odors are a sure way to miss out on that buck of a life time.
  1. Q) Does it take less time to clean and lubricate my firearm compared to other products?
  1. A) Yes, Freedom Juice CLPTM is a cleaner and lubricant all in one bottle. The first initial cleaning of your firearm needs to be thorough but will reduce your time because after wiping the weapon dry there is no need to lubricate it because it already is. After your first initial cleaning with Freedom Juice CLPTM, you will see your cleaning time drop by half due to the plating out affect. A good wipe down of your firearms parts and a few patches down the barrel and you’re done. Please follow the instruction that come with or that are on the bottle of Freedom Juice CLPTM.

Most cleaners and lubricants burn off and stop working at fairly low temperatures, which is why they seem to work great until heat, friction and pressure are applied while firing. The almost immediate dissipation of traditional CLP's require constant reapplication, thereby defeating their inherent purpose and wasting your valuable time!  In contrast, Freedom Juice CLPTM dry lubricant has a distillation range from 600 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit, and is actually activated by that same heat and friction, causing the lubricant to plate out into the metal, filling the pores and protecting from carbon and debris build-up.

If you have any questions concerning the use of Freedom juice CLP and cleaning and lubricating a firearm with it or any other piece of equipment or outdoor gear, please call us at 1-800-700-2530.

Technical information contained herein is believed to be accurate. However, it is provided without charge or obligation and is given and accepted at the recipient’s sole risk. No guarantee of the accuracy of the information provided is made and the products discussed are without conditions and warranties expressed or implied. Purchasers should make their own tests and determine the suitability of the product for their purposes. Nothing contained herein shall be considered a recommendation for any use that infringes on existing patent rights.


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